• Current Version: 4.1.0

About ChessJam

The Beginning

ChessJam started in February, 2009 when two ChessJam founders, Greg and Sean decided to play a game of online chess to finally determine who was the better player. They explored several online chess sites and to their surprise, found all of them disappointing. This quickly led to a "what if" discussion followed by the assembly of a small team to build a new online chess experience.

Eight months later, ChessJam 1.0 launched! Since the launch, we've grown at a nice pace and have added live Tournaments, Facebook integration and many other fun features.

The primary team members:

    Todd Williams Follow Todd on Twitter - Incredible artwork and primary UI developer
    Sean CareyFollow Sean on Twitter - Product manager, gaming director and primary tester
    Greg WilsonFollow Greg on Twitter - Backend developer, server-side infrastructure and overall architecture

Other Credits:

    James Silvera - Music and sound f/x
    Sabrina Beaudin - Marketing
    Holly Schinsky - Flex and design pattern mentor

ChessJam is Cross Platform: Windows, Mac and Linux