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ChessJam Privacy Policy

Your information is your information.
We do not care who your are, where you live or any other information about yourself except that you like playing chess. We do not sell, trade or share personal information with any third party.

The information we gather is for three purposes:
  1. Statistics and Game Enhancement
  2. Basic Communication and Varification
  3. Credit Card Payment Processing.

What is the Privacy Policy?

This privacy policy deals with how we use and store the information that you give us. ChessJam is fully committed to protecting and securing your privacy. The ChessJam privacy policy will be used in accordance with emails we may send out to you and the website we operate in connection with the ChessJam desktop applications. It will not be used in connection with external third parties i.e. companies, websites, or other information providers over which ChessJam does not have direct and complete control over.

Use of Information

We store all of your information on a secure server which is physically protected and monitored 24 hrs a day. Other information we may store includes cookie information (placing a cookie on your computer to aid us in verifying user ID and to help us to ensure safe, fast use of the site), IP addresses, times of connection to our site, and what browser you're using to connect to our site. This other information is also held securely and is used by us to continually improve the ChessJam service.

How We Handle Your Information

We respect the privacy of our customers. We will not sell or pass on any information which could personally identify you to anyone. Your details are held securely (see use of information section).

In extremely rare circumstances ChessJam may have to release information on our customers. This could be in the event of a court order, a subpoena, legal order or violations of our terms and conditions. This is very unusual however. In usual operating conditions we will not release any information to any third party without your express permission or agreement.

ChessJam Site Security

The registration submission process is done under our SSL certificate issued by Comodo. Comodo's SSL Certificate provides the maximum encryption available up to 256-bit with AES-256 capable software, such as Mozilla Firefox, and are 100% backward compatible for web servers or web browsers that are only capable of 128-bit or 40-bit encryption.

Your ChessJam Account

Should you wish your ChessJam account to be removed, we will delete all your personal information completely and inform you of the successful deletion via email. Please contact us if you would like your account closed or removed.


We offer ChessJam users the ability to play ChessJam using their Facebook credentials and to post game information to their facebook wall. ChessJam does not collect any user information during the facebook login process, we only verify that the login is successful. During the Chessjam account creation process, we ask all new facebook users for a Chessjam user name and country which are stored as Chessjam account information. For the purposes of maintaining a ChessJam account, we also store the users name and facebook user id as supplied by facebook, all other information supplied by facebook is used for game play purposes only and is not stored by ChessJam.

For more information, please refer to Facebook's Developer Principles and Policies.

ChessJam Privacy Policy Alterations

We reserve the right to change or alter the points in this privacy policy at any time. But if we do, and the changes are considered "major", we will explain the changes by either an email to all of our customers, or by displaying the change information clearly on prominent site pages.

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